(1.) Q: When do I need to be at the show?

A: Call (866)946-3131 for more details.

(2.) Q: Can I purchase tickets at the door?

A: You must call to confirm, show maybe sold out.

(3.) Q: What is the age requirement?

A: 18Yrs to enter, 21yrs to drink.

(4.) Q: When is the show over?

A: Call (866)946-3131 for more details.

(5.) Q: How do I or we got to the show?

A: Please refer to the contact us page, also call to verify.

(6.) Q: What are the prices?

A: Refer to the tickets page, please call for price options and discounts.

(7.) Q: Can I get a dancer to come to me, or a private event?

A: Yes, please call to book dancer(s).

(8.) Q: How long is the Male Revue Show?

A: The Male Revue Show is 2 hours.

(9.) Q: How long does a dancer stay during private party or event.

A: Parties and Events varies, please call for more details.

(10.) Q: I have questions, who can I speak with?

A: Please call (866)946-3131

(11.) Q: I have questions, who can I speak with?

A. Private Event, easy sign up for membership, Please call for details.

(12.) Q. How do I become a member for the BDSM Show?

A. You must sign up online, must be an adult.

(13.) Q. Where do I get more information for the BDSM Show?

A. Please call (866)946-3131, for details on VENUE, DATE and TIME.

(14.) Q. Where are the Yacht/ Boat Parties?

A. The Yacht/ Boat parties are in NEW YORK, FLORIDA, CALIFORNIA, other National and International locations coming soon.

(15.) Q. Where do we/ I get more intormation on The MALE REVUE SHOWS, The B-D-S-M PRIVATE SHOWS or The YACHT/ BOAT PARTIES?

A. Please go to the WEBSITE: www.lyonsentertainmentusa.com, EMAIL: info@ lyonsentertainmentusa.com, or CALL: (866)946-3131.

   Toll Free: (866)946-3131
   Email: lyonsentertainmentusa@gmail.com